Free sample customer gratitude letter template

This sample business letter template expresses gratitude to a client for their custom. The goal of this business letter is to establish a relationship with a new client, offer further assistance if required and to provide your contact details for future contact and business. This personal letter demonstrates the 'personal touch' you take to your clients.


John Doe
ABC Corporation
Somewhere, NA 12345

Dear John,

Thank you for choosing XYZ Corporation and our product, <PRODUCT X>.

In today's ever-changing business world, we realize that you, as a customer, have choices. We appreciate your decision to choose us, and we will endeavor at all times to match and exceed your expectations. I enclose my contact details and hope to be contact soon to start building on our new relationship.

Meanwhile please do not hesitate to contact me, if I can further assist in any way.



A. N. Other

Enclosures: 1