Free sample business letter template - account long overdue reminder

This sample business letter template represents a third and final reminder that an invoice remains outstanding, awaiting payment. This letter asks for prompt and immediate payment, failure of which would result in legal action. Assistance is offered if the invoicee is having problems meeting the payment terms.


John Doe
ABC Corporation
Somewhere, NA 12345

Dear John,

Our records show that we have sent two reminder letters dated January 1 2000 and February 1 2000, and have received neither payment nor acknowledgment of invoice no. XXX.

If there is a problem regarding payment of this invoice please contact me immediately. A pre-paid addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience. If we do not receive payment within the next ten days we will be forced to take further action.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please feel free to call my office.



A. N. Other
Accounts Director

Enclosures: 1